How do I change my delivery timeslot? How do I change my delivery location?

Hi there! 

For timeslot delivery, there are 3 timeslots to choose from: 

  • a) 9-3pm
  • b) 12-6pm
  • c) 6-10pm

You may email us at and we will assist.

*Kindly note that changes cannot be implemented immediately as your parcel might be out for delivery. We seek your kind understanding. 

If you would like to track your parcel, you may do so on Roadbull's website. Your tracking ID is RB_AB[yourorder# (take out the first digit] i.e. for order #400033063, your tracking is RB_AB400033063

For more information on local delivery in Singapore, kindly refer here.

If you need further assistance, comment below or email us at

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