If I pay by cash / bank transfer / self-collect, can I qualify for coupon code promotions too?

Hi there,

Sure you can*! 

Upon ordering,  let us know which promotion / coupon code you would like to use, either via email at orders@agapebabies.com, or in the order comments box (Step 5 of checkout). 

If your order has already been submitted, email us at orders@agapebabies.com to inquire whether we are able to effect the code on your promotion.

*This is not applicable for the first time customer code as customers are required to sign in in order to use the code. 

**Kindly note that we will do our best to help you effect the promotion / coupon code on your made order, but dependent on any event of any system limitation. 

If you need further assistance, comment below or email us at orders@agapebabies.com

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