Are your Medela Breastpumps the Singapore or US Version? Do I need to buy an adapter and voltage converter for your breastpump?

Hi there!

Our Medela Breastpumps are all directly imported from the US.

Our US Medela Set adaptor has a default input/output voltage of 110V/9V.

A local adapter is a must-have to use in Singapore (voltage of 220V/9V). No worries as we offer a add-on option for a 3-pin universal adaptor ($20). 

*Kindly note that the adaptor purchase is required to qualify for our FREE 7 Day and extended warranty options.

Why get your Medela Breastpump from Agape Babies: 

  1. All our Medela breastpumps and accessories are original, brand new with Medela seal intact. 
  2. We have a FULL range of Medela accessories that are priced up to 50% lower than retail price.
  3. All our Medela accessories are compatible with both US and SG local sets.  
  4. FREE 7 day Warranty* (see below for T&C), with additional 6 months / 1 year waranty with a small top up fee of $40 or $70 respectively. 

Not sure which pump to get? 

We recommend you purchase a Medela Pump In Style Advanced instead of a Freestyle. Based on lactation consultants recommendations and customer feedback, the Pump In Style is more reliable, has better suction and it is easier to maintain and clean the parts.

If you need further assistance, comment below or email us at

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